How to Host Android Apps?

How to Host Android Apps?

There are over 3.3 million Android apps in the Google Play Store, and potentially thousands more in development as you read this. The prevalence of Android apps means there are probably thousands of people who want to know how to host Android apps and where to host them as well. We have included the best web hosting platforms below to help you understand how the entire process works.



If you’re trying to find the best web hosting app so you can learn how to host Android apps, kWS could be the answer. Not only is it one of the most popular, but it’s also one of the best. It’s lightning fast, serves your files over HTTP, and hosts website in the most effortless way possible. What’s more, you can even use your hotspot mode to turn your phone into a wireless web or file server.


However, the benefits don’t end there. kWS has built-in DNS updates, offers 20 parallel connections, and includes secure access and HTTP logs as well. When you’re trying to learn how to host Android apps, kWS can be of assistance.



The best web hosting company seems like it’s impossible to find, but when you stumble across ConnectBot, you’ll never look back. As an open-source secure shell and a powerful one at that, it lets you build secure tunnels, manage SSH sessions, and share content between applications. While it doesn’t support the use of a keyboard, it is a fast, functional, and user-friendly Android app that’s well worth your inspection.



While not strictly one of the best web hosting Android apps, it’s still relatively close and relatable. ViewWebSource works by viewing the source content of any website you want. You can select text, search for it, and even copy and paste it. While it doesn’t scale easily to the screen and is made for phones with a menu button, it’s still worthy of helping you learn how to host Android apps.


WebMaster’s HTML Editor

If you don’t mind spending $5 on an app, then WebMaster’s HTML Editor is worth a closer look. If you are a web developer or programmer, you will especially love what this app has to offer. It’s fast and offers JS, CSS, PHP, and HTML editors. You can even preview Javascript files and CSS stylesheets. If you pair this app with the AndFTP client, you can also create fast and quick sites with little effort.


Control Panel for cPanel

While Control Panel for cPanel is a late player to the game, it’s a must-have app for those looking for the best web hosting service to learn how to host Android apps. If you have a standalone server, you can use Control Panel for cPanel to quickly turn it into a hosting platform. What’s more, it’s a free app that enables you to carry out intensive tasks on your phone that you may not have thought possible.


It has a file editor within the app, detailed server lists, MySQL databases, server statistics, email accounts, and so much more. When you download Control Panel for cPanel, you will learn first-hand how it’s one of the best web hosting apps, and how it can teach you how to host Android apps.


If the time has come to put your IT skills to the test, then be on the lookout for the best web hosting apps for Android devices. The internet is full of high-quality apps that can offer the platforms and information you require to sell and display apps to the public. Not yet convinced? Check out these apps above.