Common Issues With Galaxy S9 and How To Fix Them

Common Issues With Galaxy S9 and How To Fix Them

Samsung Galaxy S9 is no doubt the most advanced, big and beautiful machine available on the market. Flagship hardware, stunning design, and the cutting-edge display are remarkably shouting out loud. Although this great piece of tech promises a lot, it’s not perfect and issues can arrive any second.

After searching various forums and platforms we have gathered a list of common issues with their fixes so you can continue enjoying your brand new Galaxy S9.

1- Fixing the yellow tinted screen

A lot of users have reported that they see a yellow tint on the screen. This issue ruins the whole viewing experience and affects the eyes as well.

  • Go to Settings, tap on General and select Color Mode. Now manually adjust the Red, Green and Blue spectrum until the screen starts looking better.
  • Wait for the software update to arrive and then check if the issue is still there.

2- Stuttering affect while recording in 4k

4k recording unleashes the power of Galaxy S9’s camera but some users have come across frame drops and lag during it. The stuttering effect isn’t just while recording but it also shows up in the video playback.

  • Fire up the Camera app, open up the Settings menu, disable Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and enable High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). This won’t affect much as the phone has built-in Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).
  • A slow MicroSD card can be the culprit. Make sure that the card you inserted allows minimum writing speed of 30MBps so you don’t have to suffer the lag.

3- Poor battery life

Many people jotted down the issue that their Galaxy S9 is sucking the battery rapidly even with a normal usage. Although it’s not an issue with the majority, we’ll cover it up for our readers who can relate.

  • Go to Settings, click on Lock Screen and security and turn off Always On Display. This little feature might be eye-catching but toggling it down can save you a lot of juice.
  • Uninstalling unused apps can be a plus one to your battery life. They may wake up and consume battery in the background without your knowledge. Uninstall such apps and feel the difference.

Turn on Power Saving Mode from the notification panel that reduces screen resolution, decreases brightness and stop background app refresh. This feature can be a life saver especially when you are away from the wall outlet.