How Do I Stop Google From Tracking My Location

How Do I Stop Google From Tracking My Location

In the era of technology, you need to buckle up tight in order to secure your privacy. Most of us are being tracked by Google but we are still unaware of the fact. If your device’s location services are on, Google Maps keep track of every step you take and blow up the whole privacy game.

Google is continually catching up on your location and painting a picture perfect timeline of where you are at all times. Furthermore, the photos you take are also synced creating a hell of a evidence.

Now it’s time to get hold of your life and stop Google from tracking your location. We’ll guide you on how to get fully undercover the proper way.

  • iOS

On iOS, fire up the Google Maps app and make sure that you are signed in. Click on the “Three Bars” located on the top right corner of the screen. Now press the “Settings” icon and scroll down to “Personal content”. Turn off the “Web & App Activity”, “Location Services” and “Location History”. Click on “Delete Location History range” and “Delete all Location History” to wipe the history data all clean.

  • Web

You can also clear your location history from a desktop. Just visit the Google Maps website and make sure that you are signed in. Select the “Menu” tab and then your “Timeline”. Now click the “Gear” icon on the right side and select “Delete all Location History”. You’ll be asked again, accept it and delete the history.

To completely turn off the tracking simply go to your Google Account and click on “Personal info & privacy”. Scroll down to “Manage your Google activity” and click on “Go to Activity Controls”. Now turn off “Web & App Activity” and “Location History”. Similarly, you can also toggle down “Voice & Audio Activity” to further strengthen up the security walls.

  • Android

Update your Android firmware to the latest version and head towards Google Maps. Click on the “Hamburger icon” and select “Your Timeline”. Now tap on the “three dots” that are located on the upper right corner. Click on “Timeline Settings” and scroll down to “Location Settings”. Tap on “Location History is on”, a pop up will generate, tap the checkmark and click on “OK” to the next window.

To clear the history just click on “Delete All Location History”, a pop up will warn you, check the box and delete it.